Learn to Navigate Even the Most Difficult Conversations

We’ve created 38 email templates in the following areas to help you address all those awkward exchanges.



Money Talk

Nobody enjoys talking about money—especially when you’re overdue for a rate increase! But the more you talk about it, the easier it becomes. 

Project Talk

Not all clients are created equal. Knowing how to manage different types of clients can make a big difference in projects being done on time and in scope.

Relationship Talk

When you’re in a long-term relationship, you have to nurture it! Understanding and knowing the clients behind the payments is the key to continued success. 

Goodbye Frustration—Hello Confidence

Charge Your Worth
Never apologize when asking for what you’ve earned. Be as clear and concise as possible.

Cold Pitch Effectively
Always do your research before reaching out and make sure you personalize every email.

Say No (Politely)
Not every project is going to interest you or be worth your time, so spread the work around your network.

Ready to Start Tackling Tough Conversations?

The Real Deal With Awkward Conversations

“When you’re working for yourself and real life throws a curveball your way, it can feel awkward to tell your clients what’s up. But here’s the deal: We’re all human and most people are understanding when it comes to real-life roadblocks. Keep it short and simple but also professional by adjusting the project timeline and expectations accordingly so your client knows that even with a hiccup they’re still in capable hands.”
Kathleen Shannon & EMILY THOMPSON Hosts of Being Boss