Being Self-Employed and Single Hits Differently

This report highlights the social-economic challenges and considerations
single people grapple with when starting or running their own small business.

Financial Stability

46% of self-employed singles say that not having a second income (i.e. a partner's income) for financial stability is a major financial challenge.

The Relationship Struggle

Limited free time and strange working hours or schedules leave little time for self-employed singles to date or meet someone.

Is It Easier to Run a Business?

Despite the many challenges 59% of self-employed singles say it's actually easier (in certain ways) to run a business.

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The Author

Celebrity dating coach Damona Hoffman has been coaching singles on how to find love for over 15 years. Her articles appear regularly in the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. Plus, she’s a regular on-air contributor to The Drew Barrymore Show, NPR, and NBC’s Access Daily. Damona also starred in two A+E Networks TV shows: #BlackLove and A Question of Love. Her weekly podcast Dates & Mates has been featured in Cosmopolitan, HuffPost, Bustle, and tops the charts in the relationships category on the major podcast platforms.