Why Your Business Needs a Brand

Without a strong brand, you’ll spend more time and money marketing your business.
Here are just 3 of the many reasons to build a brand for your small business.

It Gives You a Competitive Advantage
Your brand relates to your USP—it shows how you're different. With a strong brand, you don't have to rely on pricing to compete.

It Creates Consistency
Consistent brands see 33% growth, on average. When you have a consistent identity, your business becomes recognizable.

It Helps You Attract the Right Clients
Up to 89% of people relate to brands that share their values. Defining your brand helps you understand what your ideal clients care about.

Start Building Your Unique Brand

About the Author

Paul Cowan Chief Marketing Officer of FreshBooks Author of "Standing Out From the Crowd"
Paul has marketed phones, food, booze, toys, and SaaS products for both big companies and startups. He likes results, and he’s even won a few awards that are sitting on a shelf somewhere. He’s written entries for various publications that his mom is extremely proud of. Outside of work, Paul likes to be outside of work—building things at his cabin or sliding down the sides of mountains.