Ready for a Stress-Free Tax Season?

As your business grows, your finances get more complex. It can be hard to keep track of everything you need to file your taxes with confidence. Use this checklist to:

Determine Which Government Forms You Need

Different business structures like S corps or sole proprietorships require different government forms. And that’s on top of basic information like last year’s tax returns and your employer identification number.

Find Your Strength in Numbers

If you haven’t already, pull all your 2021 financial statements, like your Profit and Loss and Trial Balance. You’ll want them handy whether you manage your finances on your own or work with an accountant.

Support Your Business and Your Team

If you employ a team of contractors or employees, you’ll need records of all those payments and taxes. And don’t forget to issue those 1099s or W-2s to your team so they can file their own taxes on time.

The Time to Get Ahead This Tax Season Is Now