The Emotional Journey of Business Ownership

Acknowledging the emotional challenges of business ownership will make you a better human
And, in our mind, better humans build better businesses.

Navigating Isolation

You don’t have to be alone. Although starting a business requires some isolation, loneliness is something you can mitigate against.

Maintaining Your Sense of Self

Starting a business is all-consuming. It wraps itself around you, commanding all your thoughts, feelings, and energy. Learn how to cope.

Learning to Lead

Thriving as a business owner requires you to decouple your occupational skills from your leadership skills—and that’s not easy to do...

Ready to Unlock the Courage to Continue?

A Word From the Author

“Your goal shouldn’t be to overcome or defeat your emotions. Instead, you should try to get comfortable with them and enjoy the entrepreneurial experience—even when you’re niggled by doubt, fear, and anxiety. Ultimately, if you’re holding out for some imagined day when you wake up feeling totally secure and supremely confident, you’ll miss out on all the magic along the way.”
Jane Flanagan, Freshbooks