What’s *Really* Holding You Back from Your Dream Project

It’s difficult for small business owners to hold onto cash during periods of growth, especially when every cent is reinvested back into the business. Not to mention, the following factors have a huge impact:

Late Payments

64% of small business owners are negatively affected by late payments. Not surprisingly, the culprits are usually large corporations.

Bank Loans

It’s not easy to get a bank loan when you’re just starting out. That’s because banks typically want equity as collateral, usually in the form of cash.

Cash Flow

It’s a struggle to fund new projects when your payment from the last project you completed hasn’t even been received yet.

Grow Your Business with Working Capital

Don’t Let a Lack of Cash Hold You Back

“The thing holding many small service-based businesses back from growing is cash. If they had more cash, they could take on more work and grow faster. But, getting a bank loan when they’re growing is very difficult because they don’t have cash, yet the bank wants to see cash reserves. It’s a horrible catch 22.”
Greg Powell Head of Product Marketing Fundbox