3 Ways to Show Your Clients You Care

You can’t have a strong client relationship if you aren’t connected. Here’s how to stay in touch:

Follow Up

Always reach out to clients after completing projects. You’ll prove to them that they mean more to you than just a paycheck.

Encourage Honest Feedback

Without client feedback, you can’t learn from your mistakes and better serve existing or future clients. 

Check-In Regularly

When you lose touch with clients, you jeopardize the chance of building ongoing, long-term relationships.

Unlock the Hidden Value of Your Clients

A Word From the Author

“For every hundred people who read this book, 99 people will say, ‘I knew all that, I didn’t learn anything’ yet apply a lesson or two and enjoy a modest business improvement, but only one in one hundred will actually execute and put all the lessons into practice. That person will reap the benefits of growing their business 3–10 times and lead a more fulfilling business life. Be the one.”
Mike McDerment Founder of FreshBooks Co-author of Breaking the Time Barrier & Crack the Client Code